Contribute to LKNSBN’s Community Chest in 2024

The Lake Norman Small Business Network, LKNSBN, is completely free for members. All contributions received go to support local community services: we support the LKNSBN’s High School Skilled Trades Education Fund, providing assistance to high school students entering the skilled trades, Tools for Schools, the Lake Norman Kiwanis Club at Thanksgiving, and Toys for Tots at Christmas.  

We collect funds at every meeting. We also need Venue Sponsors for our Weekly Wednesday events. Ask at the meeting. 

Contributions to the LKNSBN Community Chest as a 501(c)(6) business league or association are not-tax deductible unless made payable directly to a charitable foundation or underlying charitable cause. The skilled trades fund uses the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Foundation as the 501(c)(3) for charitable donations.
If you are contributing to sponsoring an event for marketing purposes, please consult with your tax advisor for tax deductibility.


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